Characteristics of the final examination

The award of the degree involves the production and possible presentation and discussion of a written paper in the presence of the Graduation Committee. The thesis is prepared independently by the graduating student under the supervision of a supervisor, and focuses on a topic, agreed with the supervisor, that falls within one of the disciplines in the programme of study. In order to be admitted to the final examination, the student must have already acquired all the ECTS credits envisaged in his or her programme of study, with the exception of those relating to the final examination itself (3 ECTS credits). After assessing the thesis papers, the Graduation Committee proceeds to award a mark out of 110. The degree examinations are public and the proclamation takes place once the Graduation Committee has completed its evaluations.

Procedure for the final examination

The final examination requires independent individual work consisting of a written paper in which the student demonstrates the analysis of a specific problem relating to the subjects studied, the study of available documentation and the carrying out of simple evaluations.
The paper may be exhibited and discussed during the graduation session, which is open to the public, or alternatively, it is possible to choose not to present the paper and send it instead to the committee, which evaluates it beforehand. The graduating student must make his or her own copy of the thesis available to the Examination Committee, which he or she will collect at the end of the proclamation. Once the presentations of all candidates have been completed, the Graduation Committee meets behind closed doors to discuss and deliberate on a grade for each candidate, taking into account the results of the entire university career and their thesis. If the candidate obtains the highest mark, honours (lode) may be awarded in the case of unanimous support from the Committee.
The proclamation takes place in public once the Graduation Committee has completed its evaluations.
The requirements for admission to the degree examination, the procedures for submitting applications, notices, the calendar of sessions, and the procedures for writing the thesis are published on the Department of Engineering and Architecture's website (