Average calculation

The score for admission to the final examination is calculated as the weighted average of the best marks for 150 ECTS credits. In the counting, an additional 3/30 will be attributed for each honours awarded. The presentation score is out of 110. Students who graduate within the regular duration of the course are awarded a bonus of 1 point. A bonus of 1 point is awarded to students who have participated in student mobility programmes during their studies and acquired a minimum of 12 ECTS credits.
The additional marks for the final paper are a maximum of 4 plus the rounding up of the admission mark. This increase is reduced to a maximum of 1 point plus the rounding up of the admission mark if the thesis is not presented and discussed during the graduation session but simply sent to the Committee for preliminary evaluation.
The Graduation Committee will make an overall assessment of the candidate's preparation, taking into account the results of their entire university career, and will be free to consider or not, in the final assessment, the mark obtained for any supranumerary examinations.
For admission to the final examination the student must have successfully passed, within ten days of the date set for the examination, the assessment relating to all the activities envisaged in the programme of study for a total of at least 177 ECTS credits.
Students are required at least 66/110 to pass. If the candidate achieves a mark of 110/110, the Commission may award honours, by unanimous vote.