CORDA/IDEA project

The CORDA Project takes the form of the running of preparatory courses in mathematics and computer science subjects at high schools by staff from the schools themselves but under the strict control of the university with regard to the syllabus, teacher qualification, final examination, etc. All information on the CORDA Project can be found on the following page:

The IDEA Project consists of cycles of exercises relating to some of the course units taught in the first years of the first-cycle degree courses (and single-cycle) degree courses at the University of Parma, carried out by a selected group of secondary-school teachers working in close coordination with the university professor/instructor in charge of the course.  These are teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Automatic Design, Economics and also, for humanities courses, of Greek, Philosophy, Italianistics, Latin and the German language.
All information on the IDEA Project can be found on the following page: