Corso di Management engineering - Università degli Studi di Parma

50% engineer, 50% manager. Or rather: 100% engineer and 100% manager. These are the characteristics of the graduates of this degree course, which is dedicated to studying and enhancing the increasingly strong links between technological and economic-organisational variables in the corporate world. The course is divided into three curricula for even more specific training focused on the vocation of the students, and its graduates are among the most sought-after professionals by companies.

Degree course
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course in Italian
class L-9
180 credits


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800 904 084

Student registry office

T. +39 0521 905111

Quality assurance office

Education manager:
Lucia Orlandini

T.+39 0521 906542
Office E.
Manager E.

President of the degree course

Barbara Bigliardi

Faculty advisor

Fabrizio Moroni

Career guidance delegate

Fabrizio Moroni

Tutor professor

Fabrizio Moroni