cod. 24688

Academic year 2018/19
2° year of course -
Academic discipline
Prova finale per settore senza discipline (PROFIN_S)
Per la prova finale
Type of training activity
Language/Final test
216 hours
of face-to-face activities
27 credits
course unit
in - - -

Learning objectives

It is aimed at evalutating the student's ability to work autonomously, his/her making judgements, his/her communication skills and his/her learning skills.


Students should have first passed all the exams in their study plan.

Course unit content

The final exam consists of the discussion of the bachelor thesis in front of a Committee composed by 7 teachers from the University of Parma.

Full programme

The final exam consists of the discussion of the bachelor thesis in front of a Committee composed by 7 teachers from the University of Parma.


Texts proposed by the advisor.

Teaching methods

Discussions with the advisor during the preparation of the Master's thesis.

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam consists of the discussion of an original work in front of a Committee composed of 7 professors of the University of Parma. The President of the Committee must be chosen among the Commitee's professors, usually giving preference to the Dean of the Department or to the Chair of the Study Course, or to the first-class Professor with the highest seniority. The admission rating for the Master's Degree is given by the weighted average for credits earned in the exams of the study plan. The thesis score is between 0 and 10 points, at the discretion of the Commitee. In awarding the score, the Committee, in addition to the cultural content of the thesis, assesses the candidate's achievement of the following indicators: • making judgements • communications skills • learning skills There is a bonus of up to two points for study activities (not even within the Erasmus + program) carried out abroad, assessed on the basis of duration and qualification. The student who wishes to apply for the bonus will have to ask the applicant for the internationalization of the Master's Course, at least 15 days before the session, submitting the documentation attesting the study abroad. Laude must be unanimously approved by the
Commission. The graduation vote is expressed in 110 points and is communicated at the ceremony of proclamation. At the final test are attributed 27CFU. The student present the results of his / her work, with a slideshow of slides or using the blackboard in a presentation of at least 20 minutes, at the discretion of the Committee.

Other information

An original thesis must be drawn up by the student under the supervision of an advisor, on subjects consistent with the objectives of the Degree Course.
farne richiesta al refe-rente per l’internazionalizzazione del Corso di Laurea, almeno 15 giorni prima della seduta, presentando la documentazione che attesti le attività di studio svolte all’estero. La proposta di lode deve essere approvata all’unanimità dalla Commissione. Il voto di laurea è espresso in 110mi ed è comunicato all’atto della cerimonia di proclamazione. Alla prova finale sono attribuiti 27CFU. Lo studente illustra in seduta di laurea i risultati del lavoro svolto, con una presentazione di slide o alla lavagna della durata indicativamente di almeno 20 minuti, a discrezione della Commissione. Programma esteso La prova finale consiste nella discussione dell'elaborato di tesi esposto davanti ad una Commissione composta da 7 docenti di ruolo dell’Ateneo di Parma.
The thesis can be made up of a manuscript, or by a project combined with a manuscript, or by an electronic project combined with a manuscript. The manuscript can be written in italian or english. In this latter case, the title of the dissertation must include, in the order, the title in italian and the title in English, a summary of the thesis in italian must also be provided. The thesis must be bound so that the pages are not replaceable; in particular, spiral binding is not permitted. The Chair of the Study Course at the request of the advisor may acquire a written opinion on the thesis by an expert.