The internship takes place in a company or body outside the University or a School (participating in the activities of the Scientific Degrees Plan), or in other specific activities organised by the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences. The would-be intern must contact the Degree Course contact person (professor/instructor).
They must also:

  1. check in advance with the Internship Service (email: the existence of the traineeship agreement between the University and the company in question; if the agreement has not yet been activated, the traineeship agreement form must be completed in duplicate;
  2. the training project must be completed in two signed originals.

The two original copies of the training project, completed and signed, must be handed in to the Internship Service or to the Academic Office of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences, Maths and Computer Science Complex, who will forward them to the Internship Service.

If the student intends to carry out the internship abroad, forms are available, in accordance with international law, translated into English, French, German and Spanish. Interested parties may request them by sending an e-mail to the following address: Any changes (extension, interruption, transfers, changes in timetable, appointment of a new company tutor) that will affect the training project must be communicated to the Internship Service using the appropriate form that can be downloaded from the Internship Service web page.

During the internship, students must complete a monthly attendance form that can be downloaded from the Internet.
All attendance sheets must be signed and handed in to the internal tutor.

At the end of the traineeship period, the professor/instructor acting as internal university tutor must carry out the suitability assessment and notify the internship contact person by email, who will arrange for a record to be made. 
The student must also hand in a one-page brief report to the Academic Office of the Maths Complex, to be placed on file, and the internship evaluation form completed by the internal tutor.

The Internships Delegate for the second-cycle degree course in Mathematics is Prof. Costantino Medori


Internship forms are available at this link. Tirocini