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Academic year 2016/17
3° year of course -
Academic discipline
Microbiologia e microbiologia clinica (MED/07)
A scelta dello studente
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7 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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Integrated course unit module: CHEK ACTIVITIES CHOSEN BY THE STUDENT

Learning objectives

The course aims to enable the student to know and
understand the principles and methods of execution of Molecular Biology surveys for the detection, genotyping and determination of drug-resistant viral agents of infection.
The course has also the aim to provide the ability to use
in the exercise of the profession knowledge and understanding acquired in the scientific field.


Passing examinations of microbiology I and II year of

Course unit content

Principles and practice of the laboratory investigations for the
detection/quantification of nucleic acids of viral agents responsable of diseases in humans.
Principles and practice of the reverse hybridization assay after
amplification for genotyping hepatitis B and C viruses and for identifying
drug-resistant hepatitis B virus.
Meaning and use of quality controls for the assays above mentioned.

Full programme

Detailed description of the Real Time PCR and Real Time RT-qualitative and quantitative PCR.
Advantages and disadvantages. Reaction control: method validation criteria.
Application of Real-time PCR qualitative or quantitative in the diagnosis of various virus infections
pathological materials suitable for the application of the method and their storage and preparation.
Observation and interpretation of results for different viruses on the various materials.
Viral genotyping: the principle and the method description.
Genotyping of HPV, HBV, HCV.
- Diagnostic assay for the determination of drug-resistance of HBV. determination of drug-resistance of HIV.
Reaction control: method validation criteria.


Visual aids made available by the teacher.

Teaching methods

Matters relating to the course content will be illustrated and discussed
through interactive lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria

Certificate of attendance

Other information

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