cod. 1004879

Academic year 2018/19
3° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
BACCI Cristina
integrated course unit
7 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

Originally the course has the aim to allow the student to know and understand the hazard present in foods, the biochemical processes that characterize the food and nutrition in the human body.
Subsequently, the course has the aim to make know and understand the general requirements of hygiene, applicable to the entire production chain. The student will be able to apply the knowledge and the understanding acquired to recognize health issues associated with the consumption of foods; in addition, the student will be able to manage a food business issue.


Knowledge of biology, chemistry and biochemistry and of workers safety.

Course unit content

The course is designed to teach the student a scientific approach, useful to face the topics about animal origin food inspection; the general issues of food technology such as food preservation and the general principles of food science and human nutrition; to give information about the main bacteria concerning food inspection (indicators of quality and safety); to give information about the milk processing chain in its main derivatives and to the discussion of the constituent elements of dietetics; to provide notions about the concept of risk and how this is handled in the field of inspection; to give knowledge about the principal risks for the consumer, associated with food consumption such meat and fish.

Full programme

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Teaching methods

The topics of the course are carried out through frontal lessons with the aid of slides

Assessment methods and criteria

The learning outcomes will be monitored through a written evaluation that will determine the level of knowledge and understanding of the course content. Then you will make an oral evaluation to see if the student is able to critically analyze the strategies to employ. Appropriate forms of verification and evaluation are guaranteed to students with DSA (Law 170/2010).

Other information

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