Course organisation

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[EN] Presidente vicario del corso

Prof.ssa Roberta Zoni | Tel: 0521.033792

Guidance and tutoring activities support students in their choice of university pathway and throughout their studies.

Course council

The tasks of the Course Council are governed by the University Degree Course Regulations.
The Council consists of the course professors/instructors and researchers as well as a student representative.
Student representatives: 

-Benedetta Ghelfi

-Denise Manfredi

[EN] Responsabile per l'Assicurazione della Qualità del Corso di studio (RAQ)

Prof. Luca Ronda

The RAQ:
works with the course president and the director of the department on planning improvement actions and controls their implementation; monitors the correct performance of teaching activities and support services; informs the course president of any problems concerning the correct performance of teaching activities, which may also be based on any student feedback.
> Form for sending feedback, complaints, suggestions, appreciation to the RAQ

[EN] Manager per la qualità della Didattica del corso di studio (MQD)

Dott.ssa Margherita Battioni
The Education Manager ensures the organisation and functionality of educational aspects of the degree course, manages and updates the content of the degree course website

Review Group

Prof. Roberta Andreoli (Course President)
Prof. Luca Ronda (RAQ)
Margherita Battioni (MQD)
Benedetta Ghelfi (Student Representatives:)
Prof. Barbara Mazzocchi
Prof. Roberta Zoni
Prof. Cristina Bucci
Prof. Elena Ferrari
The GdR:
has the task of guiding  the course towards the objective of continually improving results. It manages the self-assessment process by periodically monitoring the course data, detecting strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective and improvement actions.

[EN] Delegate per l'orientamento in ingresso e tutorato

Prof.ssa Roberta Zoni
Le attività di orientamento e tutorato affiancano lo studente e la studentessa nella scelta del percorso universitario e durante tutto il corso degli studi.

[EN] Commissione mobilità internazionale studenti


The committee manages student mobility (incoming and outgoing) in relation to all international exchange programmes (Erasmus Plus, Overworld etc.).

Composition of the Committee

Career guidance delegate

Prof.ssa Roberta Zoni
The Delegate organises and promotes initiatives aimed at facilitating the entry of graduates and graduating students into the world of work.

Contact person for students with disabilities, Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) or in vulnerable groups

Prof.ssa Roberta Andreoli
The course contact person for vulnerable groups works in close collaboration with the CAI (University Welcome and Inclusion Centre) on the reception, assistance, social integration and rights of people with disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, which is made up of a panel of professors/instructors from the degree courses and representatives from the world of work, ensures constant contact with the world of business and work, in order to assess the progress of the degree courses, to draw up proposals for the definition and design of the course catalogue and learning objectives, and to promote contacts for any internships for students in companies and institutions.

Composition of the Steering Committee

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students - CPDS

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students - CPDS

Each department establishes a Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS) consisting of one lecturer and one student from each course of study pertaining to the department.

The CPDS is a permanent observatory on teaching activities.