Course Regulations

The Degree Course Regulations 'specify the organisational aspects of the degree course', in compliance with the rules contained in the Regulations.
The aim of the degree course regulations is to ensure that students have access to clear, transparent and comprehensive organisational information that is continually updated, so that they can conduct their degree course in the best possible way.
In particular, the Regulations contain: the list of course units, with an indication of the relevant academic disciplines and any possible subdivision into modules, as well as other training activities; the specific learning objectives, ECTS credits and any prerequisites for each course unit and of any other training activity; the curricula offered to students and the rules for the presentation, where necessary, of individual programmes of study; the type of teaching methods, including distance learning, examinations and other checks on students' progress; the provisions on any attendance obligations.

Regulations of degree course in Prevention Technologies in the Environment and Workplace.


Regulations updated in 2018
PROGRAMME OF STUDY FOR COHORT 2017-2018 plan_studies_tpall_2017-18.pdf
PROGRAMME OF STUDY FOR COHORT 2018-2019 plan_studies_tpall_2018-19.pdf
PROGRAMME OF STUDY FOR COHORT 2019-2020 plan_studies_tpall_2019-20.pdf
PROGRAMME OF STUDY FOR COHORT 2020-2021 plan_studies_tpall_2020-21.pdf
PROGRAMME OF STUDY FOR COHORT 2021-2022 plan_studies_tpall_2021-22_final.pdf