cod. 1004900

Academic year 2017/18
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Diagnostica per immagini e radioterapia (MED/36)
Scienze e tecniche di radiologia medica per immagini e radioterapia
Type of training activity
24 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
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course unit
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Learning objectives

Give the student some basic information to attend the training in a Radiotherapy UnitGive the student some basic information of external beam radiotherapy in cancer therapy, the intent (curative, palliation) and these use with other therapy modality also surgery and chemotherapy. Give the student information of the tissue effects of the ionizing radiation Give information of radiotherapy treatment machines and modality technique


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Course unit content

Radiographer’s task in RadiotherapyGenerality of Radiation Oncology

Full programme

-Radiotherapy, general principles-The Radiotherapy Unit- The Radiotherapy Treatment-New Treatment Tecniques and TSRM improvement-Risk Management and Quality AssuranceGeneral principles of Radiation oncology Treatment intentPalliative -curative Radiotherapy Exclusive Radiotherapy , association radiotherapy with surgery and or chemotherapy (adjuvant, neoadjuvant, after or before chemotherapy)Interaction of Ionizing Radiation on biological tissues Radio-biologyphysic, chemical, biological effects of ionizzing radiationfactors modifying the Biological Effects of ionizing radiation cell survival curvesRadio-pathologyradio sensitivity /radio-resistance stochastic/ deterministic effects Linear Accelerator and techniques use in Radiontherapy2 D Radiotherapy Conformal Radiotherapy with MLC Radiotherapy with IMRT Stereotactic RadiotherapyRadiotherapy process in the Unit of Radiotherapysimulation with use of CT definition of the treatment volume (GTV, CTV, PTV) physical treatment plane execution of the radiation- treatment


Material provided by the teacher:SlidesOnline books : Radiation Oncology Physics:a handbook for Teachers and Students (E.B.Podgorsak –Technical Editor) On target: ensuring geometric accuracy in radiotherapy . ( the Royal College of Radiologists,Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine,Society and College of RadiographersManuale di Radioterapia oncologica (Olmi- Santoni )Radiobiology (Springer online PDF)

Teaching methods

Frontal lessonsDidactis laboratories

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam

Other information

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