Admission test

The announcement of admission to degree courses in the health professions contains all the information on test enrolment dates, admission procedures, rankings and enrolment methods.
Admissions a.y. 2022-2023 - Health Professions: Announcement is being published.
Admission to the Degree Course is open to candidates who hold a secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable according to current regulations (Art. 6, paragraph 2, Ministerial Decree 270/04) and who are adequately prepared and qualified for the admission examination.
The number of students admitted to the course is determined on the basis of national and regional scheduling, the availability of teaching staff, teaching facilities (classrooms, laboratories) and care facilities that can be used for conducting practical activities.
For the purposes of admission, the University, in transposing the annually issued D.M.s, verifies the adequacy of knowledge of general education and logical reasoning, as well as scientific-mathematical and statistical knowledge, and knowledge of ICT, English, humanities and social sciences. 

National admission tests

The degree course in Medical Radiology, Imaging and Radiotherapy Technologies has nationally scheduled access: enrolment on the course is subject to passing the admission test.
Admission to the course is regulated, for each academic year, by a specific decree of the MUR (Ministry of Universities and Research), which defines the procedures for the admission test, its content and sets the date.
Announcements, the number of places and further information can be found on this webpage: LINK
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