cod. 1002866

Academic year 2016/17
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Storia delle relazioni internazionali (SPS/06)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding

The course aims at providing the students the main issues and concepts of the history of Italian foreign policy, with a particular focus on Fascist policy of power, as well as the relationships with the colonial realities of those times. Moreover, it is planned to examine history methodology through strict critical and scientific criteria. As a matter of fact, it is a question of a “treaty” between professors and students, dealing with contents issues and methods of survey within a history inter-disciplinary educational training. Finally, at the end of the course the students will be expected to scientifically interpret historical records.

Applying knowledge and understanding

The student will be expected to clearly sustain and discuss, through proper reasoning, the issues discussed during the course and individual study, with a particular reference to analysis of records and the geo-political aspect of historical events.
Making judgements

At the end of the course, the student will be expected to possess the skill to critically interpret the main historical events through records and maps.

Communication skills

The student will be expected to communicate in an effective way and with a correct use of language his/her own reflections on the interpretation of historical facts and themes.

Learning skills

The students is expected to possess the skill of approaching as autonomously as possible detailed and complex issues, through a proper method of study and the use of records and maps.



Course unit content

General Part: evolution of Italian foreign policy: Liberal Italy in the international political system 1861-1922. Liberal Italy’s colonialism: origins and evolution. Fascist Italy’s foreign policy 1922-1943. The Italian Republic during the Cold War. Italy and the European integration process. Italy and emigration issues.

Monographic course: Fascist Italy’s Middle Eastern policy: the confrontation with Great Britain. The competition in the Arabian Peninsula; Fascist propaganda and British counter-measures; the Arab revolt in Palestine; arms in the Persian Gulf; colonial dreams. Analysis of research sources: integrity, genuineness, and truthfulness of records.

Full programme

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1) R.J.B. Bosworth, Italy and the Wider World 1860-1960, Routledge, London-New York, 1996, ISBN 9780415862417, except chapters 7,8
2) M. Fiore, Anglo-Italian Relations in the Middle East, 1922-1940, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Farnham, Surrey, 2010, ISBN 9780754669647

Teaching methods

Frontal lectures and use, whenever possible, of information technology. Analysis of diplomatic records.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam
Knowledge and understanding will be certified through at least two-three questions aiming at verifying the effective study of the expected issued
Judgement making and knowledge applying will be certified by requesting the student to examine at least one historical record and sustaining his/her own reflections with the aid of a geographical map.
Communication skills will be certified by evaluating the capacity of the student to use a proper terminology and explain the meaning of expressions and/or concepts.
Learning skills will be certified through a cross-sectional evaluation of the answers provided during the interview.

Other information

A geographical or historico-political atlas is advised.
Tutorials. After each lecture, whenever possible, till new notice. It is possible to communicate with the Professor via e-mail as well.