cod. 01631

Academic year 2014/15
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Lingua e traduzione - lingua francese (L-LIN/04)
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

Educational Objectives : the class aims to arouse interest, as well as the analysis for several features of Contemporary France in her European and International Context . For the achievement of these objectives the class will be structured so as to offer the main tools to the students to face the exam in the pertinent and suitable way.
Linguistic Objectives: the class aims to consolidate the comprehension of written texts, newspaper articles, short extracts of essays , of the discussions, interviews concerning current events and the specific fields of the Politics Sciences ( Society, Politics, economics) as well as the mastery of an oral and written expression suitable to the faced context.


B1 Level CEFR ( Common European Framework Reference)

Course unit content

Subjects concerning Politics Sciences, Economics, Current Events of the French-speaking countries.

Full programme

Completed Program: the class is based on the study , as well as the oral and written training of the syntactic and linguistic basis structures , most used in French, focusing the attention in particular about differences with Italian to avoid typical errors of the Italian-speaking. Concerning the study of the grammatical structures , it will treated the study of the subjects concerning the acquirement of a good textual competence, linked to a good linguistic competence , or the subjects that it is necessary to know to speak in a correct way . The text will be analysed as a guide to the realization of this process that it is possible to get only by the participation of the reader who becomes an interlocutor. At the decoding moment the actor interprets the texts signs . It will be given attention to the co-references and articulators , as well as the development of lexical maps, in order that the student can formulate his thoughts by own words . The developed subjects are the new concept of “refaire société” by the texts included in the Program.


“Refaire société” La République des Idées – Pierre Rosanvallon, Paris 2011, casa ed. Seuil
« Les institutions de la France » - G. Bernard, B. de Gunten, A.Martin,M.Niogret, Paris 2009, casa ed. Nathan
«Lexique de Science Politique» - vie et institutions politiques- Paris, 2011 II casa ed. Dalloz.
«Grammathèque» - Parodi, Vallacco

Teaching methods

Communicative approach - constant use of the foreign language as way of communication, to organize the interaction and to build the competences , as well as to create a collaborative atmosphere and a positive attitude to the learning of the language.

Assessment methods and criteria

a written text subdivided in two parts. 1. A written comprehension requiring students skills to answer to open questions and multiple choice, cloze text on the proposed subject . 2. A written production in which the student is required the skill of express a personal opinion in the way of short essay ( 200-230 words) on the subject treated in the written comprehension and an oral text in which it is required the skill of taking a short exposition on a subject treated during the lessons or about a subject included in the reference bibliography.

Other information

During the lessons several subjects of the press will be treated. The sources are the following:;; www.l’;;;;;; www.libé;;