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Academic year 2015/16
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Diritto della navigazione (IUS/06)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
42 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The course aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of the main contractual instruments in the field of transport and logistics and in-depth knowledge of the Community transport market through the analysis of the legislation of the various types of transport. The preparation and 'time to provide the tools of knowledge for students interested in performing work in the field of transport, forwarding and logistics industry in the EU institutions.



Course unit content

The course will provide students with a comprehensive view of the contract of carriage by road, sea and air transport and contract logistics and responsibilities of the parties to the contract. In particular, you will learn more on the issue of liability of the carrier and the most topical issues of European legislation, such as the liberalization of air transport, motorways of the sea, the safety of maritime navigation and control systems of the same, the regulations on railway transport and its recent liberalization, the port facilities' European agencies for the aviation and maritime security, protection and control systems for maritime transport.

Full programme

The national and Community law.
Principles of Community law.
The sources of law-the concept of contract-the contract: types
The contractual and tort liability
The contract of carriage: concept, drafting and cases, types and discipline
The contract of carriage by road: the national and the case-law, the international provisions - CMR, the Community legislation
The contract Shipping: concept, cases and materials
The contract logistics concept, cases and materials
The multimodal transport
The transport insurance
Community legislation in the field of transport: White Paper; rail transport; logistics; sustainable transport.


Reference books

Alfredo Antonini, "Course of Transportation law," Giuffre publisher, 2008.

Detailed text

Laura Carpaneto. Community law of transport between subsidiarity and the market - The case of rail transport, Giappichelli, 2009.

Teaching methods

Are programed two workshops-training on the following topics: The completion of the liberalization of rail transport; claims and security systems in the context of maritime navigation.
Will be issued a special dispensa with the latest relevant legal texts and scholarly articles depth.

Assessment methods and criteria

Examination Assessment will be held for students attending in writing, through a multiple choice test. For students who do not pass the written test or want to improve your grade, will take an oral examination.
For students who do not attend the course and oral exam will focus its chapters 2,4,5 of the Book "Course of transport law."

Other information

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