cod. 16008

Academic year 2015/16
3° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Scienze tecniche mediche applicate (MED/50)
Tirocinio differenziato per specifico profilo
Type of training activity
650 hours
of face-to-face activities
26 credits
course unit
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Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding of the disciplines in this area to consolidate learning and translate into practice what they have learned through all of the other areas of learning in all contexts specific intervention orthoptist - assistants in ophthalmology
The ability to apply such knowledge will enable the graduate orthoptic and ophthalmological to engage effectively in all aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, also taking account of the legal and bioethical issues, as well as knowledge of the tools that have radically changed the profession in the last decade.


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Course unit content

The internship aims to allow a gradual and complete the learning process in the field dell'ortottica and numerous ophthalmological diagnostic techniques, with particular attention to the techniques of non-invasive imaging and surveying techniques.

Full programme

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- M.Yanoff, JS. Duker: Ophthalmology Mosby 2004
- Tasman, Jaeger, eds. Duane's Ophthalmology. LWW 2006

Teaching methods

During the internship, each student will be able to compete in various clinical situations with the orthoptic practice and the practical use of the main diagnostic tools described previously in a theoretical way during lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the achievement of the objectives referred to in the course provides a practical examination.
Using evidence regarding the content of the course will be determined whether the student has achieved the goal of independence in performing examinations. Through questions concerning the interpretation of the techniques and the ability to adapt to the real clinical situation will be determined whether the student has achieved the goal of applying the acquired knowledge.

Other information

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