Student tutors

The University offers its students a tutoring service, aimed at guiding and assisting them throughout their course.
The Degree Course in Orthoptic and Ophthalmologic Assistance, like all Health Professions courses, also provides for the presence of specific Academic Tutors, Year Tutors and Placement Tutors.
Tutoring is therefore mainly carried out by Assistant Orthoptists in Ophthalmology in addition to lecturers and students identified through an annual call for applications.

Orthoptist and Ophthalmic Assistant Tutor

In order to assist students during the placement and make them active participants in the training process, the Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities (DADP) assigns them to the Academic Tutor and the three Year Tutors.

The roles of Academic Tutor and Year Tutor are assigned to personnel belonging to the specific professional profile with consolidated professional and teaching experience.
The Academic Tutor is appointed by means of a specific call for applications and performs the following functions: he/she participates in the general planning of the learning of the professionalising subjects;
he/she is responsible for individualised learning paths, for the management and supervision of training interventions in the health sector, for the formative assessment in the specific training experience, using innovative methodologies in his/her educational activity;
he/she participates in the final assessment of the student.
The Year Tutors support the Academic Tutor in the management of the individual course years and are appointed annually by the Course Council.
The Academic Tutor and Year Tutors are supported in their work by other Orthoptists and Ophthalmic Assistants working in the Services (Second-Level Tutors or Placement Tutors) who, on a part-time basis, take care of the professional training at the various placement sites. The placement tutor has the same professional profile as the student he or she mentors. While continuing to perform his or her role, he or she supports the student and ensures professionalising learning. They are appointed annually by the Degree Course Council on the proposal of the Degree Course DADP, who coordinates their activities, subject to a favourable opinion of the relevant administrations.
For each tutorial activity, precise training objectives are defined, the attainment of which is verified in different ways according to the type of activity.

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Student tutor

The student tutor is an experienced student or doctoral or postgraduate student who puts his or her practical experience at the service of those in need.
In particular, it is responsible for welcoming new students
assistance in the compilation of programmes of study
advice on the course catalogue (curriculum, prerequisites, examinations)
help in organising study and examinations
supplementary activities
support in finding information on international mobility and curricular placements
relations with the administrative services

University tutors

Students can consult the University tutor for suggestions and explanations on courses, study and research methodology, and to overcome any obstacles that may arise during their course.
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Peer tutoring (for students with disabilities or SLDs)