Advising and guidance

Guidance refers to all activities aimed at enabling future and current students to plan and manage their learning in a way that is consistent with their personal life goals and makes full use of their individual skills and interests to achieve personal fulfilment.
Depending on the stage of the university process at which these activities are carried out, a distinction is made between:
Advising: carried out before the choice of degree course, advising is aimed at future students and offers support in identifying which course to take based on individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university path are illustrated; guidance: carried out during the university career, it is aimed at enrolled students and is designed to guide them through the degree courses they are on, enabling them to better interact with the structures and the university context; career guidance: carried out close to or after graduation, it is aimed at graduates or undergraduates and designed to facilitate their introduction into the working environment.


Guidance plays a decisive role in the complex and structured process of higher education for the new generations. The choice of a university course is in fact a very delicate point in the life of students, who have to make an informed choice to pave the way for the future life they want;
In general, the guidance service consists of guaranteeing all the activities connected to the incoming orientation processes for students, supporting future students and their families in making informed choices of the university pathway, and welcoming students, including foreign ones, into the university context.
As well as the activities coordinated centrally by the Academic and career guidance division, the university also offers the actions implemented on the direct initiative of the individual study course. These initiatives take the form of placements activated within individual departments by the guidance delegates of the various courses of study and taking place over one or more days; the relevant information is collected in a digital brochure published annually on the website; the same brochure is sent by email, through direct contact with school guidance directors and teachers, to all schools in the catchment area (Parma and neighbouring provinces as well as other provinces in which guidance meetings are organised in schools or where guidance fairs are held).
The Review Group periodically reviews the content of the presentation of the degree course to future students. On the Open Days and Info Days scheduled by the University, the year tutors, work with final year students to organise online meetings dedicated to future students. The coordinator of this activity is the Course President.


Ongoing tutoring and guidance

The contact person for guidance and ongoing tutoring of the course is Prof. Claudio Macaluso, assisted by the Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities, the Academic Tutor and the three Tutors of the year.

Fundamental role of the course contact persons is also:
Examine placement and thesis proposals; Develop contacts with foreign facilities for placements and theses;
Propose agreements with external bodies.
The course's ongoing tutoring activity involves the collaboration of three year tutors assisted by three professionals working at the Parma University Hospital and a tutor at each of the following facilities:
Unione Italiana Ciechi (Parma branch);
AUSL of Parma: screening for amblyopia at nursery schools;
AUSL of Parma: care homes;
Cardinal Ferrari rehabilitation centre in Fontanellato (PR);
Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Modena - Policlinico.