cod. 18288

Academic year 2011/12
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Impianti industriali meccanici (ING-IND/17)
Ingegneria gestionale
Type of training activity
72 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
course unit
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Learning objectives

the student will learn how to design and manage efficient and effective supply chains


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Course unit content

understanding the supply chain
what is a SC
the objectives of a SC
the importance of SC decisions
decisions phases of a SC
process view of a SC
examples of SC
Suppluy chain performances: achieving strategic fit and scope
competitive and SC strategies
achieving the strategic fit
expanding strategic scope

Full programme

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Chopra, Meindl, “Supply chain management”, Prentice hall
Chandran, “Wal Mart’supply chain management strategies”, ICMR case collection
Christopher, M., “Dell Computer, using the SC to compete”
Christopher, M., Peck H.,, “Building the resilient SC”
Rizzi, A., 2006. La tracciabilità nel settore alimentare, un’analisi critica. Logistica Management, 166, 85-98
Zara: time based competition in the fashion market
Fisher, “what is the right supply chain for your product?” Harward Business Review
Christopher, “The Agile Supply Chain : Competing in Volatile Markets”
Chen et al., 1999, “Quantifying the bullwhip effect in a simple supply chain: the effects of forecasting, lead time and information”
Lee, 2002,”Aligning supply chain strategies with product uncertainties”

Teaching methods

class activities, business cases

Assessment methods and criteria

written examination

Other information

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