cod. 03553

Academic year 2013/14
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Genetica medica (MED/03)
Scienze e tecniche di laboratorio biomedico
Type of training activity
28 hours
of face-to-face activities
4 credits
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course unit
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Learning objectives

At the end of this course the student should have a good knowledge and comprehension of the following topics:
The mechanisms nucleic acid kinetics as the general basis of the genomic diagnosis
The methods of investigating the human genome
The the choice of the correct method in the analytical context
Once acquired this background, the student should be able to perform the following activities:
Apply the more common methods of genomic analysis
Use open access bioinformatic resources
Critically evaluate te choice of the methods to use
Set up a working protocol


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Course unit content

The course, starts from the knowledge of the former genetics course to arrive to the human genoma analysis using technical methodologies that the student should kreep in mind and apply in a chritical way in the right context of his/her work.

Full programme

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Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine Nussbaum RL McInnes RR Willard HF eds, Saunders Elsevier pub., Philadelphia 2007
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Teaching methods

Oral lectures integrated with a laboratory experience to introduce the students to the professional practice of the methods argument of the course

Assessment methods and criteria

The The examination verifies the achievement of the goals of the course on knowledge, comprehension and application in the professional activities using a written open repose test whose scope is to verify the correct knowledge and comprehension of the arguments treated end their application in the professional environment

Other information

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