cod. 1004886

Academic year 2012/13
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Scienze tecniche mediche applicate (MED/50)
Scienze e tecniche di radiologia medica per immagini e radioterapia
Type of training activity
16 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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course unit
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Integrated course unit module: GENERAL AND HEALTH PHISICS

Learning objectives

provide basic knowledge of radioprotection. Students must acquire understanding of the physical quantities involved in the field and become aquainted with measurements of radiations. They must become also familiar with the national normative about radioprotection.


Physics I
Physics II

Course unit content

Radioactivity and law of radioactive decay. Type of radiation and properties.
X-ray production and beam quality.

Physical quantities of radioprotection, definition and units.
Radiation-matter interaction.
Biological effect of ioninizing radiation. Deterministic and stochastic damages.

Regulation and national normative.
Protection of worker, patients and population.

Detection of radiation and principal instruments of measurements.

Dosimeters and dosimetry.

Full programme

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M. Pelliccioni - Fondamenti fisici della radioprotezione - Pitagora editrice, Bologna

E. L. Alpen - Radiation Biophysics - Prentice Hall International Editions

Teaching methods

Classroom lecture and laboratory sessions.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination

Other information

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