Enrolment procedures and deadlines

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Enrolment: from 18.00 hrs on 08/07 to 21/10/2022

Students enrolled in a First-cycle degree course in the academic year 2021-2022 who intend to graduate within that academic year and continue their studies in a Second-cycle degree course, must submit an online pre-enrolment application by 21 October 2022. Following this pre-enrolment, the undergraduate student is admitted to attend the Second-cycle degree course as an auditor student. A pre-enrolled student may not acquire ECTS credits from the Second-cycle degree course until he or she has obtained the degree. To activate this position, the undergraduate student is required to pay a non-refundable €50 pre-enrolment fee.
Upon graduation, the student may finalise enrolment in the Second-cycle degree course by paying tuition fees. Payment and subsequent enrolment must be made, under penalty of forfeiture, by 31 March 2023.
For the years following the first, registrations can be made from 5 September to 11 November 2022.
For more information see the University Prospectus. 

PART TIME registration

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, the figure of the part-time student has been introduced at the University of Parma. 

More details can be found in the University Regulations for the Enrolment of Part-Time Students

The programme of study for part-time students can be found in the annex to the Course Regulations.

Entry requirements

Access to the LM-74 degree course is free.
The educational path of the LM-74 degree presupposes knowledge of the fundamental disciplines in the Earth Sciences, mastery of technical terminology, computer skills and knowledge of English B1, also as geological terminology.
For graduates in Geology in Class 16 (M.D. 509/99) and L-34 (M.D. 270/04) direct access is recognised. For graduates with a degree other than those mentioned above (Class 16 and L-34), the degree course Teaching Committee will verify the possession of the minimum curricular requirements and the adequacy of personal preparation by means of an interview.
The minimum curricular requirements imply the acquisition of at least: (i) 21 ECTS credits in the disciplines MAT/01-09, FIS/01-08, CHIM/01-12 and INF/01 as follows 6 ECTS credits in MAT, 6 ECTS credits in FIS, 6 ECTS credits in CHIM and 3 ECTS credits in INF/01; (ii) 50 ECTS credits comprising at least three of the following areas GEO/01-03, GEO/04-05, GEO/06-09, GEO/10-12 and FIS/06.
The outcome of the personal preparation adequacy check, carried out by the degree course Teaching Committee on all candidates for enrolment, may be positive (admission to the LM-74) or negative (non-admission to the LM-74).