Course presentation

The Second-cycle Degree Course in Geological Sciences Applied to Environmental Sustainability at the University of Parma promotes a complete and specialised education in all the main fields of Earth Sciences, with particular reference to those that enable the Geologist to play a decisive role in the study and solution of problems related to the correct and sustainable use of geological resources and the territory.
In order to effectively achieve the training objectives, the teaching pathway is characterised by a first year during which the teaching is mainly aimed at providing a broad view of the problems and solutions mentioned above, and a second year in which each student chooses degree course that best suits his or her interests, opting for (1) "Mitigation and management of natural risks", (2) "Fluids, georesources and applications for the environment" and (3) "Geodynamics and palaeoenvironment for georesources".
Several of the classes involve laboratory or field activities and/or the simulation of work contexts and/or an openness to interdisciplinary approaches, because the teaching pathway is aimed not only at the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills, but also at the transfer of the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired, to tackle and solve problems that are within the Geologist's competence, through the application of solutions that are not necessarily conventional. Several classes are particularly aimed at the growth of students in terms of autonomy of judgement and communication skills, through the writing of technical-scientific papers, the oral presentation of case studies, with multimedia support, and the simulation of methodological applications in the geological field.
Particular importance is also attached to the conduct of the experimental dissertation project, which can also be carried out at institutions or companies outside the university or even abroad. The promotion of international student mobility, including for study purposes, is a priority objective for this Second-cycle Degree Course.
The Second-cycle Degree Course prepares for access to professional activity and the continuation of studies in Doctoral Programmes, mainly in the fields of Earth Sciences.