Corso di Geological sciences applied to environmental sustainability - Università degli Studi di Parma

The course of study in Geological sciences applied to environmental sustainability will enable you to explore topical issues in depth by following one of the three available cultural curricula focusing on (i) mitigation and management of natural hazards, (ii) fluids, georesources and applications for the environment, (iii) geodynamics and palaeoenvironment for georesources. The degree course also has an interdisciplinary connotation that enables the student to integrate the knowledge of Earth Sciences with that of Geotechnical Engineering and Ecology, broadening cultural horizons and, therefore, the ability to analyse and solve complex problems. Professionalising skills will be enhanced through a substantial investment in field activities, educational excursions, laboratory activities and internships. In fact, many of the course units are designed with the aim of teaching the 'profession' of geologist, facilitating the rapid entry of graduates into the world of work.

Second cycle degree course
Open access with verification of requirements
course in Italian
class LM-74
120 credits


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