Career prospects

The degree in History and Criticism of the Arts and Performing Arts with the acquisition of in-depth expertise in the fields of art history, performing arts or cinema provides the necessary tools for study and research activities prior to any intervention in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, museum collections, image archives, visual and sound documents, project archives, architectural complexes. Graduates in the Art history degree programme (LM-89) will be able to carry out professional activities in the fields of education, publishing, management of various cultural activities (cultural institutes and cultural, traditional and multimedia industries) in the field of cultural heritage and historical-artistic disciplines, cataloguing and communication in these fields, the use and programming of specific IT tools, the protection, conservation, organisation and management of cultural and artistic heritage in public and private bodies and in the public administration; they will be able to participate in the design of exhibitions and festivals; they will be able to curate exhibition events. They will have the professional requisites necessary to hold positions at management level within public or private organisations dedicated to the realisation and production of artistic and cultural events, including in the performing arts.

According to ISTAT codes, the course allows access to the following professions:

  • Art experts - (
  • Editors of technical texts - (
  • Archivists - (
  • Librarians - (
  • Museum curators and conservators - (
  • Art directors - (

Graduates in the LM-89 class may envisage a continuation of study and research activities within the framework of the Specialisation Schools and the PhD programme in Art History.