Teaching quality

For information on Quality Assurance, please consult this page of the University website: Quality Assurance

Student Opinion Survey Questionnaire (OPIS)

The student opinion survey questionnaire (OPIS) is a tool designed to detect student opinion with a view to improving teaching, quality and the organisation of study courses and is an integral part of the evaluation system. For students, it is an important opportunity to make their voice heard and actively participate in the life of their course of study, as a guarantee of better Quality Assurance: this is why the University recommends that it be filled in punctually and accurately.

More information on the OPIS questionnaires can be found on the following page:


Organisation and responsibility for the QA of the Degree Course

Quality Assurance of the course of study (CDS) is a constituent element of the management, monitoring and measurement of the dynamics governing teaching.

The Quality Assurance main actors for the CDS are:

  • Course President
  • RAQ
  • Course Council
  • CDS Steering Committee
  • CDS Review Group

For the purposes of Quality Assurance, each CDS is required to:

  • apply, as far as it is concerned, the policies and general guidelines for Quality established by the governing bodies;
  • carry out self-assessment and review of its training and management of the CDS based on the analyses reported in the annual report of the CPDS and the data provided by ANVUR, the Evaluation Committee and the Management Control Division (O.U.), also comparing itself with similar Boards with a view to benchmarking;
  • to promote continuous improvement and assess its effectiveness;
  • to implement the evaluation of teaching in accordance with the University's arrangements.

At Department and University level, the bodies involved in QA are described on the following pages of the institutional websites:


Single Annual Course Report Card

The Single Annual Course Report Card (SUA) is a management tool for the design, implementation, self-assessment and re-design of the Course of Study.

The Single Annual Course Report Card can be viewed on the ministerial website UNIVERSITALY.