Thesis/Final examination

The thesis, which allows the acquisition of 18 ECTS credits, consists of a written paper of at least 75 pages (150000 characters), excluding bibliography, which must be original and which the student must complete under the guidance of a supervisor chosen from among the teaching staff of the subjects in the programme of study.
The Professor, as supervisor, will discuss the research topic with the student and will test the student's ability to select and analyse critical literature; the ability to develop the research by identifying specific documentation; the ability to set up the structure of the paper in an original way; and the ability to argue the theses supported.
The final assessment of the thesis, which will be discussed by the student with a Committee appointed in accordance with the University Regulations, will take into account the student's overall career; the maturity demonstrated by the student in the analysis of the critical debate and in the identification of the methodology of analysis with respect to the chosen theme; the ability to indicate new interpretative and critical hypotheses or in the ability to add new contributions by bringing to light unpublished elements with respect to the state of the art of studies; the mastery of the specific vocabulary and the ability in the construction of the discussion; the manner in which the thesis is discussed with the supervisor and the members of the Committee.
The Course Council also resolved to award an extra point to the graduation grade for students who undertake a stay abroad for the acquisition of at least 12 ECTS credits or 6 ECTS credits of work experience and for students who graduate within their second academic year. An additional point to the average based on 110 is awarded to students who have taken part in collegiate bodies (Academic Senate, Board of Administration, Evaluation Committee, Student Council, University Quality Assurance Committee, Single Guarantee Committee, University Sports Committee, Department Council, Joint Committee of Teachers and Students, Department Quality Assurance Committee, Course Council, Review Group), for at least one term of representation, provided that they have guaranteed attendance at at least 70% of the meetings. The student must self-certify his or her participation by sending a communication to the supervisor when submitting the application for graduation, specifying: the type of collegiate body; the time frame of the representation; the dates of the meetings in which he or she actually took part. The supervisor, with the help of the Education Manager, will check what has been self-certified and will proceed to inform the President of the Degree Committee.