Admission test

Enrolment in the second-cycle degree course in Planning and Management of Social Work (class LM 87 M.D. 270/04) requires possession of a three-year degree in Social Work Sciences (Class 6 M.D. 509/99 and equivalent) or in Social Work (class L 39 M.D. 270/04).
Graduates in Classes other than those listed above will be admitted if they have accrued in their previous Programme of Study at least a total of 60 ECTS credits in the following Academic disciplines:
Sociological disciplines SPS/07, SPS/08, SPS/09, SPS/10, SPS/12. Legal disciplines IUS/01, IUS/07, IUS/08, IUS/09, IUS/10, IUS/14, IUS/17.
Psychological disciplines M-PSI/01, M-PSI/04, M-PSI/05, M-PSI/06, M-PSI/07, M-PSI/08.
Political-economic-statistical disciplines SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-S/05, SPS/04.
Historical-anthropological-philosophical-pedagogical disciplines M-DEA/01, M-FIL/03, M-PED/01, M-PED/04, M-STO/04, SPS/01, SPS/02. Medical disciplines MED/25, MED/42, MED/43 A B1 or higher (at least 3 ECTS credits). Language proficiency in a European Union language other than Italian is also required.
Those with a four-year degree must submit their Programme of Study to the Teaching Commission, which will assess its consistency.
Students who have obtained a first-cycle's degree mark of less than 80/110 must undergo a preliminary examination of their personal preparation.
The test takes place after the closing of enrolment for the degree course.
An additional test, reserved for students pre-enrolled for the second-cycle degree under the condition of obtaining their first-cycle's degree in the March special graduation session, will be held immediately after finalisation of enrolment, if the student has obtained a grade of less than 80/110.
The test to verify the student's personal preparation consists of an oral interview aimed at ascertaining the possession of basic knowledge in:
- disciplines from the area of law; - disciplines from the area of sociology and social service; - disciplines from the area of psychology The assessment is carried out by a committee of professors/instructors appointed by the Course Council.
The outcome of the test will be recorded in a special register prepared by the Student Registry Office and communicated to the student at the end of the test.

Test organisation and deadlines

For the a.y. 2022/2023, the test consists of an interview online, through the Teams platform at this link.


The test takes place Friday, 28th October 2022 at 10 am with the following Committee members:


Prof.ssa Paola Torretta (

Prof.ssa Alessandra Ambanelli (

Prof.ssa Maria Giovanna Greco (

If you wish to take part in the interview, you need to register within 27th October 2022 by filling in this online form at

If there is the need to schedule another round of interviews for pre-enrolled students who have completed their registration procedure, after having obtained their degree, a date and the Interview Committee will be defined at the end of March 2023.

Additional Educational Obligations (OFA)

Students who have not passed this test will be directed to fulfil additional educational obligations (OFAs) by attending supplementary and tutorial activities in November, for a minimum of 6 hours, aimed at filling the gaps revealed by the entrance test.
The same training activities will be repeated before the December examination session for students who did not take part in the cycle of activities organised in November. Prior to the summer examination session, where necessary, an additional repetition of these training activities will be reserved for any students who have finalised their enrolment in the second-cycle degree by March and have not passed the above-mentioned entrance test.
Students who have not fulfilled the OFA will not be allowed to take examinations. Furthermore, students who have not fulfilled their additional training educational by September of the year following enrolment will be able to enrol in the second year of the course, but will not be able to sit examinations until the OFAs have been fulfilled.