Advising e activities, in addition to focusing on investigations into the motivations and expectations of incoming students, contemplate the use of innovative teaching experiences, as a function of advising/guidance itself, in order to achieve career regularity. With this in mind, the service is aimed at enhancing tools for assessing students' incoming skills, particularly for those courses of study that show a high drop-out rate.
The procedures for enrolling, admitting students and managing their careers are set out in the Study Prospectus and the University's Academic Regulations and communicated through specific sections of the University website; a specific section of the University portal is dedicated to newly enrolled students:
University of Parma the world that awaits you . An important network of activities and services, described in the document University Policy for Student Services and coordinated by the Delegate for guidance, is constantly updated and optimised to accompany students throughout their university career, from entry advising/guidance to tutoring, internships and job placement, taking into account the dynamic needs of students, the University's strategies and the opportunities offered by national or regional calls for advising/guidance.


The service is intended to support the proper integration of students in the course of study through, in particular, specific tutoring activities aimed, above all, at students enrolled in the first year of the course, as well as to encourage effective career progression by students through, in particular, assistance in the compilation of individual Programme of Study, ongoing guidance activities aimed at encouraging students to choose the course of study most suited to their characteristics, and remedial activities for students in difficulty.
In addition to the so-called general tutoring, which supports the organisation of the study method, tutoring for didactic-integrative, preparatory and remedial activities has been offered in the Planning and Management of Social Work degree course for a number of years.
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