Average calculation and criteria for determining the degree grade

The Commission's final assessment is out of 110 and based on the following elements:
a. weighted average of the marks obtained in the examinations and in the tests envisaged by the degree course regulations, as explained in point 2 below;
b. the candidate's overall curriculum, as specified in points 3 and 4 below;
c. assessment of the dissertation prepared by the candidate and presentation of the dissertation.
The weighted average, given as a number out of 110, is calculated by the Student Registry Office based on the marks awarded for each exam and the number of ECTS credits allocated to the respective course units. Any ECTS credits recognised without a mark or acquired in excess (extracurricular) shall not be included in the average; in recognition of the university career, i.e. candidates’ ability to organise themselves during the course of their studies, their speed of learning, and their commitment to keeping up with the pace of teaching, the Commission shall award:

a. an extra three points to the average (out of 110) of those who graduate within the autumn session (September and December) of the second academic year of enrolment on the second-cycle degree;
b. two extra points to the average (out of 110) for those graduating by the end of the special session (March and April sessions) of the second academic year from the date of enrolment in the second-cycle degree course;

- as additional recognition of the candidate's career validity, the Commission may award up to one additional point based on the lode obtained, study periods spent abroad - compulsorily in the case of participation in Erasmus or Overworld programmes - and any official recognition obtained as part of the candidate's study activities;

- as an evaluation of the content of the dissertation and of the exposition of the dissertation, having heard from the Supervisor, the Commission shall award up to seven additional points; If the candidate achieves a mark of 110 out of 110, the Committee may award lode unanimously, based on points 4 and 5 above;

 - the President of the Commission shall proclaim the graduates and communicate the mark obtained.