Corso di Mechanical engineering - Università degli Studi di Parma

The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering aims to produce professionals capable of carrying out a considerable range of tasks, offering a course catalogue designed to ensure a solid basic, scientific, economic and technical-practical preparation. The training path has highly innovative features and is based on a curriculum structured as a series, gradually leading to the attainment of the qualification of Second-Cycle Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Second cycle degree course
Free access
course in Italian
class LM-33
120 credits


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No notices at the moment
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800 904 084

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T. +39 0521 905111

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Education manager:
IIaria Magnati
T. +39 0521 906538 +39 0521 903660
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Course president 

Luca Collini

Career guidance delegate

Paolo Casoli