Course presentation

The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering aims to produce professionals capable of carrying out a considerable range of tasks, offering a course catalogue designed to ensure a solid basic, scientific, economic and technical-practical preparation, which also facilitates the learning necessary for carrying out professional activities. Students on the second-cycle mechanical engineering degree, addressing the design and manufacturing of products, their use, the means to produce them and the relative services, must have an in-depth technical background in the construction of machines, in relation to their operation and the strength of the component parts, in the transformation of energy in the machines themselves, in the materials to be used in their construction, in fluid mechanics, in the necessary manufacturing, in the design, as an indispensable element of planning, in the means and services related to operation, in the control of dimensions and performance, and in industrial automation.
The considerable variety of tasks and duties that are required of students on the second-cycle degree in mechanical engineering imposes, as the main educational objective of the degree course, the attainment of solid basic preparation with a good scientific approach and extensive technical-practical content, which will facilitate immediate professional integration. In particular, the aim is to train and develop the ability to design, construct, install and optimise the use of machines and plants, the means to operate them and the related services. With this approach, a great deal of attention is paid to technical preparation in all areas of mechanics, which, due to long-standing experience, allows rapid adaptation to the most diverse professional requirements.
In its overall structure and aims, the entire training project presents highly innovative characteristics and is based on a curriculum structured as a series, gradually leading to the attainment of the qualifications of: First-cycle degree, second-cycle degree and PhD.