Dissertation / Final Examination

The objective of the final examination is to verify the candidate's level of autonomy and mastery of specific methodologies and topics, as well as his ability to synthesise the results, critically evaluate them and present them in written and oral form.
The preparatory activity for the examination consists of an in-depth study (methodological, numerical, experimental, design) of a topic agreed upon and assigned by the supervisor in relation to which the candidate has taken the relevant examination, valid for curricular purposes.
The dissertation consists of a paper independently developed by the student, written in Italian or English; it can also be developed by the student during periods of international mobility.
The supervisor must be identified from among the professors holding official teaching positions at the time the work is assigned.
The evaluation of the work carried out is entrusted to a Graduation Committee consisting of at least seven tenured professors on the degree course, possibly supplemented by contract professors of the degree course and external supervisors.
The assessment of the dissertation takes place during the degree examinations scheduled at departmental level and involves the presentation of the candidate's work to the committee appointed for the purpose.
On the basis of the dissertation, the presentation and discussion, as well as the overall assessment of the student's career and the degree to which the envisaged training objectives emerging from the dissertation and the excursus studiorum have been achieved, the Committee expresses a judgement on the candidate and awards a final mark.

The special mention at graduation for the service provided in support of the functioning of the University bodies only appears on the degree certificate (a stamp) which the student may request from the Student Registry Office, while it will not appear on the certificate which the student can download directly from ESSE3.

The online graduation application must be completed at least ONE MONTH before the Graduation Session and the last examination must be recorded at least 10 DAYS before the Graduation Session The online application procedure for taking the graduation examination is now active. See entry below.
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