Enrolment procedures and deadlines

For enrolment on the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Civil Engineering, students must possess knowledge corresponding to that provided by the first-cycle degree course in Engineering in the L-7 class (D.M. 270/2004) or in class 8 (M.D. 509/99).
For access by graduates from other degree classes or university diplomas, the curricular requirements that must be fulfilled for enrolment refer to the number of ECTS credits obtained in the following sets of academic discipline sectors (SSDs) specified in the didactic regulations, which can be consulted here. An examination of the student's individual preparation is provided for, in the manner specified in the course regulations. This test will also include an assessment of sufficient knowledge of the English language.
Personal preparation is considered adequate if the qualification required for access to the second-cycle degree was obtained with a mark of no less than 88/110 or equivalent.
Please refer to Article 10 of the Degree Course Regulations for more detailed information.

The interview topics for those with a grade of no less than 88/110 or equivalent can be found here.

The individual's preparation will be ascertained through an interview that will verify the fulfilment of the entry requirements. Students who will have to conduct the interview are invited to contact the course president ( prof. Francesco Freddi francesco.freddi@unipr.it ), to fix the date and place of the interview.  Those who have to take the interview must present themselves on the same day with a valid identity document.
Information on the procedures for enrolling in the first year and for subsequent years can be found on the following page Enrolling.