Career prospects

Master's graduates in Materials Science are well known internationally for the breadth of their competence and their ability to fill an extraordinary diversity of roles in a wide variety of areas. As the technical challenges facing the world increasingly become complex. multidisciplinary, and interconnected, the broad, highly technical, curriculum we offer is bound to set Materials Scientists apart from other kinds of professionals.

Career paths for our graduates

Career paths for Master's Graduates in Materials Science are recognized in the following areas:

  • Research and Development of functional and sustainable materials and processes;

  • Production Sector (including packaging, logistics, maintenance, safety, and emissions control);

  • Characterization, Analysis, and Quality Control of products.

Graduates can be employed in:

  • Public institutions;

  • Small, medium, and large national and international companies involved in the production of polymeric materials, semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, batteries, automotive, etc.;

  • Agencies and firms specializing in technical consulting or intellectual property protection;

  • Companies/publishers involved in scientific dissemination.


Graduates are also expected to have the competences required to create for themselves opportunities in the realm of entrepreneurship (i.e., as CEOs, CTOs of startups based on the circular/green economy as well as investors) .