Graduate Program Committee

The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) deliberates on all aspects of the program and is composed by all faculties active in the program.

Quality Assurance Officer (RAQ)

The Quality Assurance Officer (RAQ) works with the Chair of the Graduate Program and the Department Chair to evaluate the teaching quality in the program, planning improvement actions and enforcing them

Review Committee

The Review Committee guides the program towards a continuous improvement of its outcomes

Orientation and Thesis Officers

Prof. Cristina Sissa (Orientation Officer) and  Prof. Alessio Bosio (Thesis Officer) respectively design the orientation activities for prospective students and guide current students in starting their Thesis project.

Special Needs Officer

The Special Needs Officer ensure that students with special needs are able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities the program provides.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed by a selection of faculty and external experts from industry, academia and the public sector. Its role is to ensure the program remains competitive nationally and internationally, and is able to produce professionals that meet the technical needs of the ever-changing job market.

Student-Faculty Joint Committee

The Student-Faculty Joint Committee of the Department is composed by a faculty and a student from each program. Its role is to ensure an equal voice for students and faculty on the educational activities of the Department.