Teaching quality

Quality assurance is an indispensable process that involves all those working in the University, one in which each individual's progress is of benefit to the University as a whole. It stimulates the healthy dialogue that is necessary to make the social role played by the University effective and concrete.


  • defining quality policies in tune with the University's strategic direction, and providing reliable and robust procedures to enable the governing bodies to apply them;
  • implementing activities to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the University's internal processes, primarily in the interest of the quality of education and research;
  • creating awareness in the University staff so that tasks are carried out competently and promptly, the services provided are effective, and keeping a record of actions to monitor and measure results.

For more information on Quality Assurance, please go to: https://www.unipr.it/AQ

Student opinion survey (OPIS)

The student opinion survey (OPIS) is a tool designed to gather students' opinion on improving the teaching, quality and organisation of courses. The survey is an integral part of the evaluation system and an opportunity for students to have their say and actively participate in the life of their course. The University therefore recommends that the questionnaire is filled in accurately and punctually.

For more information on OPIS questionnaires, please visit the following page: https://www.unipr.it/didattica/i-corsi-di-studio/compilazione-del-questionario-di-valutazione-della-didattica-line