Advising and guidance

The CoS organises seminars for guidance, orientation for curriculum selection and seminars with representatives from the world of work for orientation after graduation for employment.
At the university level, they are organized every year:
Open Day: normally held in early April and aimed at illustrating the entire range of degree courses offered at the university; Job Day: which normally takes place in the autumn and aims to continue its mission of supporting its undergraduates and graduates in the transition phase from university studies to work activities and in order to meet the needs of the labour market, in close cooperation and partnership with companies, institutions and professional organizations, the University promotes various initiatives including this institutional appointment involving the academic audience in its entirety, addressing undergraduates and graduates in all degree classes.As in past editions, in fact, Company Representatives and Human Resources Managers will have the opportunity to meet with undergraduates and graduates, Level I and II, from all Degree Courses, pertaining to the 9 Departments of the University of Parma