Corso di Medical, veterinary anf pharmaceutical biotechnologies - Università degli Studi di Parma

The course aims to train a graduate who can enter the labour market with an original curriculum and already oriented in terms of professional skills. In fact, the course offers students several curricula, identified on the basis of the area's peculiarities and employment needs: "Biotechnology for prevention and therapy', 'Biotechnology applied to animal production and food safety' and 'Biotechnology applied to regenerative and restorative medicine.

Second cycle degree course
Chronological access
course in Italian
class LM-9
120 credits


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No notices at the moment
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800 904 084

Servizio per la qualità della didattica

Manager della didattica:
Rag. Sabrina Ferrari

T. +39 0521 903109
E. servizio [didattica.dimec]

Presidente del corso di studio

Prof, Nicola Giuliani

Delegato orientamento in uscita

Prof.ssa Sara Nicoli

Delegati Erasmus

Prof. Roberto Sala


Referente assicurazione qualità

Prof.ssa Carlotta Compari

Tirocini formativi

Prof.ssa Laura Giovati