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The degree course in Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) belongs to the the Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability Department, selected by the MUR as a 'Department of Excellence' and supported with an outstanding five-year grant. Also for this reason, TBS is able to offer you solid and up-to-date theoretical and methodological tools to competently perform as a professional biologist.

Studying and graduating in TBS means acquiring the cultural and methodological foundations necessary to deal, with an integrated approach, with the vital processes that characterise a complex organism like humans being under normal and pathological conditions. Using an integrated approach means studying a vital function through progressively greater levels of complexity, starting with the molecular/cellular mechanisms that are the essential 'building blocks' of a function, and moving on to the organs, the systems and up to the whole organism. An organism lives, behaves, adapts to its environment, falls ill, heals and ages.

Especially from the perspective of safeguarding human health, dealing with biomedicine is a fascinating task, but also a rather complex one. Therefore, those involved in applied biology in medicine must not only draw deeply and constantly on the most modern and multidisciplinary scientific knowledge, but also develop the ability to use it critically and with a sense of responsibility.

The TBS degree course has therefore the ambitious goal of providing articulated knowledge and skills. This is a goal we try to achieve by providing students with a solid and integrated cultural background in basic biology and the various fields of applied biology, and also by trying to transfer methodological and instrumental skills to collect, analyse and interpret experimental data. Morover, we aim to help our students build the capacity to work independently, moving from initial imitator-executors to professionals, who are capable of taking responsibility and leadership and valuing teamwork.

Second cycle degree course
Open access with verification of requirements
course in Italian
class LM-6
120 credits


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