Course presentation

On this page you can find the video presentation, the course brochure and a list of teachers and tutors to whom students can turn for information.

The course in brief

The Second-cycle Degree Course in Business Administration and Management - ADA is designed to provide theoretical and practical foundations for a professional profile capable of understanding, addressing and managing the complex issues that characterise the administration and management of public and private companies today. The multidisciplinary approach of the course, which also allows for numerous collateral activities such as seminars, laboratories, internships and experience abroad, enables students to acquire technical and relational skills that can be used in the world of work.
In particular, the course aims to train a professional profile with comprehension skills in the areas specified below:
- methodologies, knowledge and skills required to hold positions of responsibility in the administration and governance of companies; - quantitative and economic knowledge as tools for research activities applied to the complex of company choices; - various accounting models adopted at national and international level; - advanced studies on production companies, with particular reference to the main forms of company aggregation; - analysis of company reality in interdisciplinary logic; - company and business law; - tax law and elements of international taxation.
The training path therefore focuses on the subjects of the economic-business subject area. This is complemented by statistical knowledge for the identification and processing of data necessary for business decision-making, by economic knowledge of problem solving and business history, and by legal knowledge of commercial and bankruptcy law and tax law.
The course of study therefore aims to train business economists with adequate legal skills, transferring in-depth knowledge of the method and content of business economics and law, focusing on the acquisition of specialist knowledge and methodological tools suitable for dealing with interdisciplinary and integrated fields of business economics.
Therefore, the professional profiles that the graduate in ""Business Administration and Management"" acquires  concern the management and administrative functions of companies (public and private) and freelance activities related to business consulting.
In particular, obtaining an ADA degree will enable professional positions such as:
- administrative manager: assists companies in carrying out management, administration, planning and control functions, preparing and submitting economic and financial reporting documents; - chartered accountant: supports individuals, entrepreneurs and companies in managing accounting, administrative and tax obligations (passing the State Examination is required; - auditor: verifies that financial statements and/or consolidated financial statements are drawn up in accordance with correct accounting principles (passing the State Examination is required); - internal auditor: verifies that financial statements and/or consolidated financial statements are drawn up in accordance with correct accounting principles (passing the State Examination is required): auditor: verifies that the financial statements and/or consolidated financial statements are drawn up in accordance with correct accounting principles (subject to passing the State Examination); - controller: performs planning and control functions with reference to the short term; - internal auditor: monitors and verifies the formal and substantive correctness of internal procedures.
It will also be possible to continue studies within the framework of a PhD course in economic-business subjects, subject to passing an open competition

Lesson zero

In order to help students draw up their programme of study, the LESSON ZERO, which is held every year at the beginning of the first semester (in September), provides them with all the information they need to attend courses and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the course.

Collaboration with companies


The relationship with the world of work is one of the strengths of the course, which carries out numerous activities to encourage constant contact between students and companies, consulting firms and professional offices.
Managers, auditors and chartered accountants are involved in all courses, bringing their own experiences to the classroom and involving students in the practical analysis of business cases and project work.
In addition, specific seminars are organised on pivotal accounting and governance issues, to which both students and professionals are invited.
Already in the classroom, particularly in the second year, students are involved in recruiting initiatives and thus have the opportunity to liaise with the world of work even before they graduate.
The posters show some of the many events organised for ADA.

Who to contact for...

Who to contact for... 

For the contact details of the student representatives for each year of the course, please contact the tutor, Dr Valentina Ghinizzini |