Course presentation

The Degree Course in Earth Sciences in brief

The degree course in Earth Sciences provides graduates with a solid basic geological background, the knowledge and operational tools useful for accessing higher-level training courses, but also general training for working in the professional field.
The degree course provides the basic knowledge and understanding of chemical, physical, mathematical and computer science disciplines and most areas of geological disciplines, in their theoretical, experimental and practical aspects. In order to develop the theoretical knowledge learnt, the student will become familiar with the methodologies of investigation and data processing, both in the laboratory and in the field, including through the use of GIS technologies.
The course, although in Italian, includes the use of English in the technical-scientific field. The training activities in the various subject areas are developed through lectures, laboratory exercises and field activities dedicated to learning the use of specific instruments and experimental methods of data acquisition and geological surveying.
Study stays at other universities, both European and non-European, are possible within the framework of international agreements.