The University of Parma promotes curricular internships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and the realisation of moments of alternation between study and work.
The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's training pathway through the performance of practical activities which, in accordance with the provisions of the Course Regulations of their degree course, may be carried out in facilities within the University or externally at qualified public and private organizations with which the University has entered into appropriate agreements.
The internship involves three subjects: the student, the promoter (the University of Parma) and the host (company or organization) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University instructor and a company tutor.
The curricular internship does not constitute a prerequisite for an employment relationship between the trainee and the host structure, nor can it be a substitute for company labour or professional services.
In the third year of the first-cycle degree in Earth Sciences, 2 ECTS credits of curricular internship (corresponding to 50 commitment hours) are provided.

Internal internship

Tutors professors for the activation and recording of the internship:

Prof. Alessandro Chelli President of CU

Prof. Fulvio Celico Vice President

Web page for instructions on procedures:

The student, at least 20 days before the start date of the internship/thesis, must send the application for the placement by e-mail to the INTERNSHIP RESPONSIBLE INSTRUCTORS (or COMPANY REFERENTS). Bear in mind that, for insurance reasons, the start date of the training project must be at least 15 working days after the date on which the project is entered into Esse3, as established by the Internship unit. 

IMPORTANT: before accepting/enrolling in any training project, students must ensure that they have entered the correct internship mode (STA-STE -STI) in their transcripts, otherwise they must wait until the programme compilation period to make the change; as a matter of urgency, they must go to the student registry office for the change, but always before the internship is activated to avoid problems with the record.
The student, before starting any internship activation procedure, must comply with the following requirements:


To have acquired at least 150 ECTS credits

The choice of the facility (university laboratory, external laboratory, public or private, institutions, parks, companies, etc.) where the internship is to be carried out must be made in advance to allow for the bureaucratic formalities outlined below.


In order to choose where to carry out the internship, the student, who is eligible to start it, contacts the laboratory where he/she will carry it out and the professor who will supervise him/her, and agrees on the training project.

Send to Prof. Alessandro Chelli Course President ( and Fulvio Celico Deputy President ( the Internship/Thesis Application (which can be found on the website) in which they must indicate: the chosen internship (title of the project); the name of the professor who will supervise the work (company tutor=professor/instructor). the agreed start and end date;

The application must be accompanied by
Certification of examinations taken (by downloading the syllabus or online booklet) (only for first-cycle courses given the constraint).

If the conditions are met, Professors Fulvio Celico /Alessandro Chelli as company and academic tutors, having asked the tutor professor for confirmation of the data transmitted by the student, will initiate the online procedures to start the internships.

Enter the training project indicating the name of the company tutor (the supervisor professor chosen by the student).

The student will be notified and must accept the training project, indicating the academic tutor Prof. Alessandro Chelli, who, in the case of internal internships, will accept and the internship will be started.

Students are advised to take particular care not to make a mistake by indicating their supervisor (who has already been entered) as their academic tutor, as this creates an incompatibility situation that may block the internship and, ultimately, its recognition, effectively cancelling it.

At the end of the internal internship period, the professor acting as supervisor  (company tutor) must notify the academic tutor (Prof. Fulvio Celico or Prof. Alessandro Chelli) by e-mail of the assessment of suitability, who will approve the internship and authorise recognition of the relevant ECTS credits.

If everything has been done properly, the internship will be registered, subject to the student completing the internship evaluation questionnaire.

External internship

For external internship the University's facilities, the course propfessors may indicate availability of which they are aware or the students themselves may contact external companies, institutions or laboratories.
In the case of external internships, the academic tutor for the University is the professor who established contact with the external structure or to whom the student approached by proposing his or her internship project who, at the end of the internship period, after assessing the results, will approve the internship.
The company, if it is not already registered, will register by following the instructions on the website under "Procedure for companies" and, once it has obtained its credentials and carried out the agreement procedures, the company manager (company contact person) will enter the training project, indicating the name of the company tutor (the person from the company who will follow the student directly).
At the end of the external internship period, the company tutor (the person in charge of the student's work at the laboratory or external company) must notify the academic tutor by e-mail of the assessment of suitability, who will proceed to approve the internship and authorise recognition of the relevant ECTS credits, after the student has completed the work internship assessment questionnaire.

Internships abroad

If the student intends to carry out the internship abroad, the procedures are similar to those for external internships.