Learning objectives

At the University of Parma, the degree course in Earth Sciences is designed so that students achieve a number of specific educational objectives, such as:
- the ability to interpret geological phenomena at different spatial and temporal scales of investigation;

- the basic knowledge of geo-resource retrieval;

- the basic knowledge of natural hazards;

- the ability to produce geological and geo-thematic cartography through field surveys;

- the ability to use technologically advanced and/or innovative work tools;

- the ability to draw up written reports on laboratory and field activities;

- the ability to correlate the various fields of Earth Sciences with other technical-scientific disciplines.

In addition, it is already possible to gain work experience through curricular internship activities (in companies, public facilities and workshops).
Evidence of acquired knowledge and skills is provided by oral and/or written examinations, guided interventions, thematic reports and, at the end of the degree course, the completion of the internship and final examination.
The training leads the students to achieve results in the areas of knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to apply them, the development of independent judgement, communication and learning skills.