cod. 1007843

Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Fisiologia (BIO/09)
Scienze biomediche
Type of training activity
7 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY AND THE VISUAL SYSTEM

Learning objectives

Understand the ways in which the human body obtains e
maintain the homeostasis of its internal medium at the cellular and tissue level,
transport and communication mechanisms and basal metabolism.


Basis knowledge of physic, chemistry and biology.

Course unit content

General physiology

Full programme

The cell membrane.
Structure of cell membranes; membrane proteins; transport mechanisms across membranes. Electrical membrane phenomena. Electrochemical gradients; active and passive ion channels; resting membrane potential; passive electrical properties of membrane; potential for action, genesis and management; classification of nerve fibers.
Interactions between excitable tissues
Electric and chemical synapses; drive plate; central synapses; neurotransmitters; receptors.
Vegetative nervous system
Autonomic nervous system; vegetative reflexes.


Fondamenti anatomo fisiologici dell'attività psichica della Poletto Editore or Le neuroscienze: dalla fisiologia alla clinica della Carocci Editore, only the chapters related the general properties of the nervous system.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons, with the aid of visual support (slides)

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination in which one question will focus on the Human Physiology module, one on the Physiology of the visual system and one on the part of applied technical medical sciences

Other information

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