cod. 1009823

Academic year 2023/24
3° year of course - Second semester
- Luigino CALZETTA - Annalisa FRIZZELLI
Academic discipline
Malattie dell'apparato respiratorio (MED/10)
Clinica delle specialità medico-chirurgiche
Type of training activity
50 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
course unit

Integrated course unit module: Respiratory Diseases & Allergology

Learning objectives

The student must be able to correlate the pathophysiology with clinical symptoms of the main respiratory diseases: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, respiratory failure.


Background knowledge in Anatomy; Histology; General Pathology; Physiology; Biochemistry and Microbiology is required.

Course unit content

Principal aim is student's achievement in learning the concepts on the mechanisms regulating respiratory function (nervous, mechanical ventilation, diffusion and perfusion lung); signs, symptoms and clinical and functional aspects that characterize the main respiratory diseases.

Full programme

Approach to the patients with disease of respiratory system; diagnostic procedures in respiratory sistem. Asthma; chronic bronchitis; emphysema; COPD; respiratory failure; pneumonia; bronchiectasis; pulmonary fibrosis; lung tumors (benign and malignant); pleural disorders; pneumothorax. Tobacco smoke and related diseases.


- Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. McGraw-Hill
- Principles of Pulmonary Medicine. Steven E. Weinberger, Barbara A. Cockrill and Jess Mandel. Elsevier
- Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials. John B. West. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Teaching methods

Lectures will be held on-site in compliance with safety standards, provided that further instructions on the health emergency are not implemented. Supporting material will be available on the specific, student-reserved platform (Elly) and will include slide presentations, audio-video aids or video-recording of the lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

Periodic tests and conclusive oral examination.

Other information

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