cod. 1007301

Academic year 2018/19
1° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

This course aims to provide the informations and the scientific background to approach correctly the practical aspects of laboratory analysis in sport medicine aiming the prevention of illicit expedients, the athlete health or the monitoring of training. Moreover this integrated course will provide the basic concepts about trauma pathology of the brain and spinal cord, sudden cardiac death and diseases of the skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve, knowledge of the most common infective diseases and tools for a conscious approach to them, primary and secondary prevention of skin cancer, characterization of overtraining and of the effects of exercise on diabetes mellitus.


Basic knowledge in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, General Microbiology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Course unit content

General characters of microorganisms and viruses causative agents of infectious diseases, host defenses against infections and principles and methods of laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases. Biological samples, pre-analytical and analytical variabilities. Basic biochemical analysis profiles. Markers of organ function or damage mainly with respect to skeletal muscle.
General pathology and immunology, overtraining damage and the role of exercise in the diabetic patient, together with the importance of laboratory monitoring in these conditions.
Outline of Practical dermatology.
Systematic review of the pathological basis of the traumatic diseases of the central nervous system and the spine. Basic notions on the disease of the peripheral nervous sytem and the skeletal muscle.

Full programme

Refer to each specific course


Madigan M.T., Martinko J.M., Stahl D.A., Clark D.P. BROCK. Biologia dei microrganismi 3 – Microbiologia biomedica. PEARSON
S.D.Ferrara. Doping Antidoping -Piccin
Maier “Elementi di Patologia generale e Fisiopatologia”, McGraw-Hill Companies, 2 ed.
Guida pratica di dermatologia e venereologia di Feliciani - Amerio - Fabrizi - Offidani - Patrizi • 2014
Rubin, Patologia, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano 2006, (specific chapters).
Other reference material will be indicated and discussed during the lessons and made availble on the Elly platform.

Teaching methods

Oral lesson and interactive case report accompanied by visual aids to convey critical information on the topics relating to the course content. The iconographic supports shown during the lessons will be available to students.

Assessment methods and criteria

The final oral examination is about the topics of the course; the student needs to demonstrate to have understood and to be able to manage the essential meanings of every section of the program

Other information

The iconographic supports shown during the lessons as well additional textbooks or usefull websites, will be available to students directly during the lessons or accessible on the Elly platform.