Calendar of graduation sessions and deadlines

Graduation Sessions Here you will find all the information on how to apply for graduation, the calendar of sessions with deadlines and all the necessary forms.
All administrative forms are handled by the Student registry office.

Application for graduation and forms

Below are the dates of the graduation sessions for the academic year 2022/2023:
- 19 July 2022, Aula 2 at Aule Nuove (Via Gramsci complex)
- 6 October 2022, Aula C Plesso Biotecnologico di Via Volturno
- 15 December 2022, Aula 4 delle Aule Nuove (Plesso Via Gramsci)
- 17 March 2022, Aula C Integrated Bio-tech complex in Via Volturno

For the forms relating to the graduation sessions, please refer to the Student registry office: