Enrolment procedures and deadlines

The Second-cycle Degree Course in Science and Techniques of Preventive and Advanced Motor Activities is open access.

Entry requirements

The curricular requirements for admission to the Second-cycle Degree Course are specified in the Degree Course Regulations.

In order to be admitted to the Second-cycle degree course, you must hold one of the following qualifications:

- Class L-22 Sports and Physical Education or equivalent

- Class L-SNT/2 Rehabilitation Health Professions

- Class LM-SNT/02 Rehabilitation Health Professions

- Class LM-47 Sport and Leisure Management or equivalent

- Class LM-68 Sport Sciences or equivalent

- Class LM-41 Medicine

- qualification obtained abroad in the field of motor-sports or in any case with contents consistent with the aims of the course.

For access from degrees other than L-22, candidates must possess at least 15 ECTS credits in total, demonstrable from examinations taken, in the core and/or characterising SSDs foreseen for L-22, such as:

M-EDF/01 Methods and teaching of motor activities

M-EDF/02 Methods and teaching of sporting activities

BIO/09 Physiology

BIO/10 Biochemistry

BIO/12 Clinical biochemistry and clinical molecular biology

BIO/14 Pharmacology

BIO/16 Human anatomy

BIO/17 Histology

MED/04 General pathology

MED/09 Internal medicine

MED/10 Diseases of the respiratory system

MED/11 Diseases of the cardiovascular system

MED/13 Endocrinology

MED/26 Neurology

MED/33 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

MED/34 Physical and rehabilitation medicine

MED/39 Child neuropsychiatry

MED/42 General and applied hygiene

M- PED/03 Teaching and special education

M-PSI/04 Developmental and educational psychology

M-PSI/06 Psychology and psychology


PED/03 Didactics and special pedagogy

M-PSI/04 Developmental psychology and educational psychology

M-PSI/06 Psychology of work and organisations

SPS/08 Sociology of cultural and communicative processes

SPS/10 Sociology of the environment and territory

The verification of personal preparation will take place according to the methods suitably defined in the Degree Course Regulations.

Admission to the first year of the Second-cycle degree course is restricted to a limited number of students. The total number of places available is specified year by year in the University's course catalogue.

Non-EU foreign students may be admitted in accordance with the provisions in force and through the competent Italian diplomatic or consular authorities in their own country; the number of places available for non-EU foreign students is specified each year in the University's course catalogue.