cod. 08722

Academic year 2016/17
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Medicina del lavoro (MED/44)
Scienze della prevenzione e dei servizi sanitari
Type of training activity
7 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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Integrated course unit module: HEALTH MANAGEMENT

Learning objectives

By attending this course, the student will come to know the main risk factors in employment that may cause damage to health. We will define the concepts of risk and risk factors for health. The student will learn the main categories of hazards present in health facilities. He/she will apply his knowledge to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases or work-related. He/she should know the types of personal protective equipment and their degree of protection against the risk agents. He/she will learn the impact of work on health professionals and the meaning and limits of health surveillance.


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Course unit content

Occupational medicine aims to provide the theoretical basis for knowledge and understanding of the following issues, which fell into the reality of care facilities:

1) Legislation concerning the protection of the safety and health of workers; health protection for health professionals; the active participation of workers in prevention.
2) Risk factors and work activities: the concept of hazard and risk; classification of risk factors in the healthcare environment.
3) Injuries and diseases; disease and work-related illness at work.
4) exposure to biological agents.
5) The health surveillance; the periodic and preventive health surveillance; the judgment of suitability and impact on the organization.

Full programme

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Slides of the lessons will be provided by the teacher

Teaching methods

Lectures with the use of audiovisual and discussion with students.

Assessment methods and criteria

The application of knowledge and skills learning module will be assessed on the whole teaching through interactive interview with the student.

Other information

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